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Thursday, 23 May 2013

My other hobby - baking and cake decorating...

So we all know I like a bit of DIY and happy using my hands - well baking is my next hobby and one that everyone benefits from.  My neighbors get to try my cakes on a regular basis as do my work colleagues.  Here are my efforts so far....

I make this praline meringue every Christmas - it's a family favourite and feeds the masses!

This was my first attempt at icing a large maderia cake and rose water cupcakes and was for my 40th birthday.

I had a go at some vanilla flake cupcakes, some mint choc cupcakes and some lemon top cupcakes and this little batch went to work colleagues.

These were for my daughters nursery for Easter break - we got a lovely thank you card.

My next effort was a giant cupcake - but I wasn't happy with it and not sure if I will do another.

These cakes were for my brothers birthday and I used Peggy Proschen's Boutique Baking Book for the recipe for sticky toffee cup cakes and caramel layer cake.  It went down a storm.

This next cake was for my Mother and Father-in-law's 40th Wedding anniversary.  It's a limoncello layer cake and raspberry and limoncello cupcakes.  Very light and refreshing and was served after dinner.  The roses and leaves were my first proper attempt at sugar craft and not just cutting out fondant like on my earlier cakes.

My next cake was to attempt chocolate ganache - this was a chocolate orange layer cake with ganache and chocolate orange cupcakes with chocolate butter icing.  The neighbors and work colleagues got this cake.

My next test was making more flowers as my cousin has asked me to make her wedding cake, she is wanting a cutting cake and 84 cupcakes!

She is planning on having calla lillies and pink roses......practice makes I will have to do a fair amount of practicing!!

Do you know who it is yet???????????

Mr Godson's birthday is coming up so had a go at my first gumpaste figure - Mr Tumble is his favorite and my daughters, who keeps hunting for him to eat him!! lol

After attempting this when a work colleague said her daughter wanted a Fireman Sam cake but she couldn't find one - I said I would give it a go....

This is my effort - the little girls mother is very pleased with it - so now just have to make the cake ready to put Fireman Sam on top.

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