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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shower Tray......again

Well despite my best efforts at repairing the shower tray, after an extremely bumpy trip, the aqua rolls and waste caused a further split where the expanding foam had reached.  Luckily, the shower tray below came up on good old fleabay for a reasonable sum.

I decided to try and reinforce the shower tray with fibreglass, in the hope it will prevent any splits at any weak points.  Fortunately I got a good sunny day in the garden as this stuff stinks!

Now to removed the toilet and old shower tray.  First to figure out how  to get the trim off at the back of the toilet!!!  Had to go gently as I didn't have a replacement!!

Got the trim off, and then outside to removed the cassette and take the three screws out holding in the toilet.  One at the back and two in the floor.

That done I could then removed the toilet as you see below.

I then removed the old show tray and started to remove the expanding foam that had been inserted under the old tray to help fill any voids.

It looks patchy because some was under the floor covering.  Once I had removed this along with the floor covering, I replaced it with some insulating membrane, and I also put a thin piece of foam insulation down before laying the new shower tray down.  This will hopefully prevent any voids.

I was really pleased to discover it was as a dry as a bone underneath and in the corners!  Replacement shower tray down and toilet brace board screwed back into place.  Now to put the toilet back and secure in place with screws from outside.

Job done - no movement and looking forward to trying it out! 

Am tempted to paint it with the rubberised paint as preferred it white!

Now just need to figure out how to fix the 3 way fridge which only seems to be working 1 way - on GAS