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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A couple of jobs done on the Elddis!

Well - the Elddis had a little delamination so this time I bought the two part mix and boy was that stuff good! Not too messy and rock solid.  Unlike the 'one shot' which expanded, this found it's level and just bonded.  Really impressed.  

When we bought the van it was missing the curtain around the dinette for the bunks and it didn't have arm rest cushions at the very front of the I have had the sewing machine out again....

Decided to go for a champagne colour which blends quite nicely with the seats because trying to match the green was a nightmare.  Besides wanted something that would still keep the van light when they were drawn!

The shorter curtain is for over the table cupboard.
So with the curtains done - I tried my hand at some roll cushions, not for the faint hearted.

They have velcro openings so they can be washed if need be.
Happy overall - a nice warm rich colour added to the van.  Have just replaced the mixer tap for the kitchen sink.  That was a lot easier than I expected, they just unscrew off.  Next is to replace the hob wind guard, hubby caught the original one and snapped the bracket.  We've managed to source another bracket so that has to be put on.  Then really just to clean all the pipes and we are all set for our year of caravanning.

I have also put up a tv bracket ready for the TV and am going to buy one of those quick release brackets.

Just have to sort out the electric blow heating which doesn't seem to be blowing warm/hot only cold!  Gary from ARC systems may be able to help.