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Friday, 24 August 2012


It has been a while so thought (after requests) I had better update you all on the progress.  The interior was complete so we moved onto reattaching the awning rail and inserts.  We also resealed all of the skylights.

Fablon was used to cover the scratched end panel and looks ok

Decided on maroon awning insert to match the decals

The centre roof strip was removed and resealed for good measure too

Well after all our hard work we finally got away in our little beauty.  We did a few trips locally and then moved on to trying further afield and headed to Great Yarmouth, Wild Ducks at Haven.

We had a wonderful time

We thoroughly enjoyed our week away, and Mark (above) loved towing!  Made easier because she towed really well.  So after our week away, guess what - we're hooked.  But that also comes at a price, because after all our work she is now up for sale and we've purchased a 4 berth Elddis Typhoon so we can have a little more room for all of us!

This one hasn't come without a few jobs, floor delamination now fixed, sink cover sourced and fitted and new barrel hinges for front table bought and fitted.  Little jobs in the grand scheme of things.  Damp free and all in all a little bit of luxury for us.  We did go out and buy a used pyramid awning (just like the one with the Challenger) and are picking up our new Inaca porch awning this weekend (ready for autumn trips).

So if anyone knows anyone looking for a starter Swift caravan with awning, that's had plenty of work done - message me!