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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Caravan Rebuild - Part 12

It has been a long two weeks getting these curtains made.  There were four pairs of curtains and the door curtain a swell as the pelmets to cover.

I got one door curtain sewed and thought, wow this is going to take forever!!  So I moved onto something a little easier.  With the help of my brother Lee we got all the seats back into the van and secured, this meant I had something to sit on and could set up the caravan table and my sewing machine, and I cracked on with doing the pelmets.

Once done I got these screwed into position and was a little shocked at the colour as it seemed more vivid in the photos than it does in the van.

Still have to clean the paint of the window rubbers....but that's an easy task.

As you can see, I shop at Harrods of the North for my haberdashery items 'BOYES'

The floor does look busy next to the seating, but I plan on putting a runner in the living area so this will be a block colour, the tiles are to give some extra insulation.

My lonely door curtain done, I put that up (not an easy task).

Due to the length of time these curtains were going to take (not the two hour job I initially thought) I carried all my equipment back into the house and over the space of an evening and a morning cracked on with sewing all eight daughter (aged two) tried to sabotage my sewing machine, but once I figured out how to put it back together, I was back on the case.

In the meantime, I had bought a runner, which unfortunately was not quite wide enough for between the two seats so we decided on carpet tiles from Homebase.  I fitted these so they went under the seats, so a half hour job unscrewing the seats again to do this.

All curtains made, pressed and cushions made as well, they were bagged up ready to go into the van and hang.  Before hanging the curtains I put the corner edging (bath trim) into place, this is self adhesive.

This is in the shower room and really tidies up the edge.  There are still the ceiling plastic strips to put on.

The edging has come away slightly but is easily pressed back into place as it's self adhesive.
All of the curtains in place.

Here you can see the 'sand' carpet tiles in place, they certainly add a bit of warmth.

Unfortunately on the photo's you still can't see the orange fleck in the seat covers, but it is there and the curtains do go.